Freeform TV App Reviews

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I am now excited to catch up on beyond witch I saw in a commercial on Freeform on tv and Im stoked to be watching it and hopefully catch up before the premiere of the new season hella awesome is here

Love it

Love this app. Love that it not only has Free Form Shows but also movies!!! Thank you for all the Halloween and Christmas Movies!!!

It needs to be fixed

I really wanna watch my favourite shows but I cant because first it says Im not in USA territory but I am, and the when ever I try to sign in they dont have my provider, Ive had this app for a while now and all the day is were trying to put more providers up but they dont and theres no show to watch while I wait. So yeah, I just really want it fixed please‼️

Crash and Burn!

Short ad time is great compared to Hulu but app crashes before you get thru a show.


When ever I am trying to watch a shows it stops a multiple times and exits me from the app. Can you places fix it.

Good app

Good app, not too many commercials. Would like if spectrum could be added to the sign in list


Its such a good app like i dont have a cable so i watch it for free even though it has commercials its worth it ♥

I love it!

It works so well! I use it all the time!

Great app

Love that I can watch a lot of cool shows but this app needs work. I hate that I cant chromecast. It also messes up a lot if I have to go to another app and then back to it. Gets stuck on the start up screen.


Free form is easy to use and fun.

Good but not great

I dont wanna be seeing commercials tbh, its great but I dont wanna watch dumb commercials . Other wise its pretty good

No Chromecast Support

Love the app, but the lack of Chromecast support makes it almost worthless to me since the main reason I downloaded it was to cast to my television.

Loving it

This app changed my life I can now watch all the shows I miss on tv thank you free form app❤️:).

Freezes up

I like being able to watch the shows thru this app but it keeps freezing up on me

Good content poor app

No AirPlay or Chromecast support in the app. So you have to use AirPlay of that device but then it stops when you switch to another app or the device locks. Scrubbing to fast forward is poor. It gets stuck often or plays many scenes in slow motion. It should remember where you left off watching and resume from that point.

Great App

I havent had any problems viewing any of the shows. Im loving the new show Beyond.

Good app

Short commercials. Spaced far apart.


The app is good to catch up on your shows but has about 6 commercials every 10 minutes its the most annoying thing ever. Deleted it after watching one show with about 36 commercials in it.

Great app

I love the app but why have everyone sign into a tv provider? Im willing to pay for access to Freeform shows without buying a tv cable or satellite service subscription. Please, eliminate the tv provider agreement

This is great!!!

I love this app it has my fav shows ever!!

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