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I would give it a better rating, but you can only watch the last six episode of pll? I want to watch the whole season 7.

Great App, Great Shows

Thanks for having available. Love it,

Not happy

I love the shows on this app and spent about five hours asking my dad for it and for what me to try to watch shows an the app glitches and exits and if this glitch is not fix Im deleting this app and if this is happening to anyone else they should delete this too

Love this app

Very easy to navigate

Hate this app.

I gave it one star because I cant give it 0 stars. There are so many commercials its impossible to watch the show. It doesnt even wait until the scene is over but stops it in the middle to show two and a half minutes of commercials. You cant even follow the show. Never going to use this again. Its not worth it.


When I opened up the app it was totally fine, but when I clicked on something to watch, the ad barely played and then the app crashed, it did this over and over and I have no ideas on why its doing it, its disappointing cause I saw many things Id like to watch on it, maybe its because Im using it on an iPod 5?

World domination

It is a world domination because if u miss ur favorite episode u can just go on the app and also u can watch ur favorite movies to (like twilight) and its on the go and u can watch it live as well world domination

Cool app.

This app is fun and easy to use, which is good because I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, so thanks.


Great entertainment while driving tractor in the field

Fix it!

This app could be a lot better I cant I cant sign in to my tv provider if I try it will say error occurred and then wont let me watch anything I had to delete and reinstall the app many times. Then I have to wait for a couple weeks or even months before I can watch a show because they are all locked! This is unfair I cant do what they tell me to do and its wasting my time. This is the only place where I can watch my shows. Please fix this!


This app constantly crashes. Like every 30 second to a minute its crashing. It takes me twice as long to watch an episode because of this. The commercials are kind of lame too. I get that you dont have to be signed in with your provider to watch some of the shows; but it would be nice that if you are signed it it could omit the commercials. I watch a lot of shows o freeform and I can rarely ever watch them live. Now this app and its crashing is making it too difficult to watch them on demand as well.

In love

I downloaded the app just to watch #beyond I love having the option to watch an entire season without having to wait every week. Now that Ive experienced this I cant wait to watch all of my other favorite shows, and I cant wait for #beyondseason2

Great App with a beautiful U.I !!

I downloaded this app thinking, " lets watch something good!" Now Im sitting here with more than 10 great shows. What a day to be alive! I dont even have to own a T.V!!


Love this app, it is so easy to use never have to wait for episodes to down load!! With only maybe 2-3 commercials in a whole episode only lasting 1 min. I would definitely recommend this app!!

I cant decide if Holden is who I wanna bone.. or his brother.

Great app

Love this app!! Allows you to watch your favorite show with few interruptions, and is very useful if you plan in binge watching a series :)

I love/ hate

Although the app is incredibly and its easily my favorite channel; I have been watching beyond and every time I try to watch beyond it say error and thats really getting annoying. Your probably thinking watch the next episode but it wont let me watch any of them after episode 3

Awesome app

I love being able to watch all my favorite shows at a click of a button.

Pretty Good

You can only get so many shows with out logging in


There is absolutely no reason for commercials on this app. I already pay for the show via my provider, so the long frequent commercials they out the show on the app are ridiculously unnecessary.

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