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I downloaded this app despite the bad reviews because I really wanted to watch episodes of my favorite show Shadowhunters. This app crashed every time I tried to watch something and there were about 5 ads before the episode even began. Definitely deleting..

I liked it but now Im not sure

I dont know if it was a glitch but I was rewatching make it or break it and my phone died so I let it recharge for 10 mins and make it or break if was off the list I loved the app but now I cant find my show

Dont Download this App!

Please dont download this app itll just waste your time! You even need to sign in to watch everything! I was so confused, and theirs so many bugs!

Honestly dont get this app

The provider choices are terrible like they dont carry TWC and even when you have a provider it tells you an error has occurred. They need to fix a lot before this app can actually be usable

its okay

I love the app because it allows me to watch my favorite episodes and more, but there are WAY to many ads. theres like 5 sets of 3 minute ads. I want to watch my shows in peace

I got one problem

My mom wont sign in and normally it doesnt make me sign in But now it is

The Truth (from my pov)

This app is actually pretty amazing. Idk why ppl are saying its terrible. I dont input my tv server but I can still watch the unlocked episodes fine. Its never crashed on me and hasnt just stopped playing (except for when its loading bc I mainly watch in my room with completely terrible connection). In the description of the app it says that there will be ads so dont act shocked. The majority amount of people say they use this app when they miss an episode of the show they have been watching. I ask you this, if you watch an episode on television, arent commercials always coming on? So quit complaining its basically the same thing. Thank you freeform. This is a great app. (Of course no ads and all episodes without signing in would be even better but hey, nothings perfect.)

I actually liked this app, but then...

I first got this app so I could catch up on one of my shows, and the first time, it worked. Older episodes could be watched without a tv provider and I was happy. When I wanted to watch the newest episode, I decided to figure out my tv provider login. However, when I did, I couldnt watch anything that required a login because it said an error occurred :(. It is very frustrating that it does not work like its supposed to and promises things that dont even work. I will not change my opinion of this app until this is fixed.

Dumb and Unworthy of Your Time

Im sorry but every single time I try to watch ONE episode, it lets me see the first AD, and then BAM it goes to my home screen with all my apps. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Its so annoying an Im losing my patience with it. I have deleted it one too many times and it STILL doesnt work and I really dont want to deal with it anymore. Dont waste your time.


I love this app, it never crashes on me and I am dating up on my shows, kinda. Because I can only watch the unlocked one not the locked ones because THEY DONT HVAE TIME WARNER CABLE AS A TV PROVIDER!!!! so I cant log in to watch them OUT OF ALL THE TV PROVIDERS, makes me so mad thats why Im only giving it 2 stars

Its fine

Okay the app is overall good but I HATE that it after you click an episode it doesnt tell you what its about and it definitely doesnt tell you if you saw the episode already. Im trying to watch GREEK from season 1 but It takes me like 20 minutes to find out which episode Im on and the ads arent a problem when youre on the right episode but if youre trying to figure out if you watched it before, Im not trying to go through all these freaking ads. JUST ADD EPISODE INFO.!!!!!!!!

Kinda Frustrated

Even though I am signed in every time I try to watch an episode that would be unlocked it says I am not "authorized" to watch it

Too many bugs

This app keeps crashing and when it actually loads the episode, it will crash after about ten seconds of watching. :(

Cant watch my show

I cant watch my show because live freedom keeps saying freeform will be right back I waited 20 minutes it was working before it just doesnt want me to watch my season finally

Not doing so well

The app crashes every time I try to watch an episode

Full seasons of the shows.

App is pretty good when you missed an episode or 2, but I missed like half a season ( pretty little liars ) and I really want to start watching season 6 from the beginning please add full seasons, Im sure your supporters will appreciate it!! Thanks

Please fix

I I really think you should fix this app its causing problems please • When ever I go to my show after one minute its a black screen and the next thing Im backed to my home screen then it doe the it so much times • When Im in a middle of a show Im in a black screen and then Im back to my home screen when I click on the app Im back to the beginning of the show instead of were I was I really like this app but I would like even more if it got fixed

It always crashes

Every time I use freeform the show crashes!! Also the captions will not turn off, its very annoying

Tv Providers

I honestly love the app, but I hate having to wait every week for a new episode. They need to add Time Warner Cable because thats my TV Provider, like seriously why didnt you add it in the first place.

Crashing is so annoying...

Listen, I love Freeform and the app is nicely set up and it might just be my connection but its crashing. All the time. I cant get through a single ad without it taking me back to my home screen and its honestly so irritating. Please fix this

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