Freeform TV App Recensioni

Free form

Love this app it’s amazing the way everything works I have no problems with this app and I’m so happy

Free form

I love it but not enough movies to what but it’s just TV series new one

Love it!!!!

I love this app!!!

Randomly started crashing

I’ve had the app for about a week and i started binge watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager. The app worked perfectly but all of a sudden it starts crashing every time I try to watch something. I have restarted my phone but it didn’t fix anything. I also deleted the app and downloaded it again, but still didn’t fix the app from crashing.

Used to be good - now toooo many ads

Just watched a show that had 6 'intermissions' of 6 ads each plus the one ad you must watch before the show starts. During one of these intermissions, after ad #6 of 6, the ads started again (!) with ad #1 of 1. No show is worth sitting through 14 minutes of ads in a 40-minute show.

App keeps logging off

App keeps logging off on me within 10 sec that I open the app tried deleting the app and downloading the app again nothing is help me with this Problem


Why when you watch a show and don’t finish it They remove the show the very next day! I really wanted to finish A Cinderella story: if the shoe fits But I can’t because before I was done with it they removed it rewind/ffwd?

Freeform has som good shows but the app is a pain in the a**. No backup or jump forward when watching the video??? And lots, I mean LOTS of the same commercials over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...

It’s great

I get to catch up on all of my tv shows that I didn’t get to catch up on thank you Freeform.

Amazing App!!!

Amazing quality and a lot of Freeform shows. Seasons are complete!! Best app ever for your Freeform needs😊


All of my favorite shows from freeform are on the app, I can watch from anywhere!!


Falta el español


the quality and variety of the app is amazing but it has s many commercials

App has a ton of glitches

Great content but you never have an easy time with it.


Hi um this app is really good but it’s just the ads

My review

I love this app so much the shows here are amazing!!!!!

Free form

Um I like free form but every once in awhile I can’t watch episodes to the shows or movies I love to watch


Unlock some of the shows please!!!

Love the app

The app has all the shows you could want it’s awesome

it ok i think it should make it to were you can wach everything

its ok i think you should make it to were you can watch every thing


Sooo good I can watch ma shows on the go anywhere any day


Every time I get on my phone iPhone 8 or my new Apple TV to watch any show I go to watch it and what ends up happening the screen comes up saying an error occurred null underneath. I have deleted and reinstalled on my husband phone iPhone 6 and the older Apple TV and still same issue. Very annoying when trying to show your kids the Disney shows.


Yeah it might have almost all the shows on the channel but it doesn’t matter because whenever I try to watch the only show that I wanted to watch (Cloak and Dagger) it would kick me off within seconds of the show starting to play.

Great tvshows

Loveeee the bold type

Review on Freeform

I love this app because all of my favorite shows r on the app . It has many different options on Shows and u will definitely find one that u will like ! But the app is hard to understand and use , I hate how there is so much adds . The adds r the same ones so it gets annoying.

It keeps glitching

Every time I try to start an episode, about two seconds into the add, it glitches and goes back to the homepage. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you fix it?


The app is good but the ads are too long to wait. I think they should make it shorter.

One thing wrong

I don’t like how you have to put your tv provider to get access to movies and tv shows. I can’t finish Cloak and Dagger now only because I have to put my tv provider info. This app would be a five star if only you didn’t have to put tv provider.

Free form review by C.H

I think the app is pure awesomeness but the only thing I have to complain about is the constant commercials like cmon I’m trying to watch a show but I have to watch the same 6 commercials over and over just let me watch my show or reduce the amount of commercials by 2

Please fix

So I just downloaded the freeform app and tried to watch cloak and dagger and it’s not working. It keeps saying check your connection but my connection is fine cause it will let me watch other shows. So for right now I have to give 1 star until it works

Ads Galore

The new interface is nice and all but is there an app glitch? I am prompted for 2:30 of ads, fine - but when those are finished I am AGAIN prompted for 3:00 more. Is this normal?? I gave up trying to use this app, I just want to watch a show.

Too much

Too many commercials and they repeat


i love cloak and dagger 😆

Use it!

It's awesome, start from season 1 episode 1 on any show. There are commercials, wish they were fewer or non-existent


Keeps crashing on login so I can't use the app at all.

Error has Occurred

Every time I try to watch any show whether that be shadow hunters or cloak and dagger or live tv it says that an error has occurred (null). I put in my tv provider and I signed in but it still does not work please fix this it’s annoying.

Good app

The app is great but I wish there wasn’t as many commercials in the middle of the show, on the other hand the Freeform app is really great it’s easy to find the shows I want.


Don’t have so many commercials it’s makes us not want to watch the show anymore

Good but there are some problems

I love the freeform app but I hate all of the ads. Some of them just freeze on my screen and I have to keep on clicking on and off and then watch more ads! All I want to do is watch my Shadowhunters and not have any interpretations! I'm fine with like 1 or 2 ads but 6! It makes it almost impossible for me to get an episode finished

Gets me my shows but could be more user friendly

The functionality of this app is great. In place of shows that I want and allows me to keep caught up on my shows. The only thing is the user-friendliness. It would help if it was easier to fast forward and rewind and if the buffering circle went away after a commercial.


It’s a great app but it’s so annoying because every 5 min there’s commercials 2 or 3 min it’s so annoying and there always the same commercials over and over and I just want to watch with mabye a couple commercials here and there that are like mabye 1 or 2 min that’s the reason people watch tv on apps because it’s more convenient and less commercials but not in this case at all.


I love this app so much but there is one thing one bad thing is that it has too much commercials and I think that is it’s probably level down to 5 to 4 at each episode I think that would be great and better and it can have more views if it had less commercials, other than that I think it’s a very amazing and outstanding app!!!!You should totally get it this app!!!🤗

Love the shows, hate the ads.

Although I enjoy being able to watch my favorite shows on my phone, the ads are a real pain where the sun don’t shine.


I like the app, but if you’re not signed in with the whole app you don’t get to watch any movies they have

Great, however...

The app is great. It could’ve had 5 stars if there wasn’t so many commercials!

Amazing!!! Outstanding quality

Freeform has been around for a long time and I’m glad it is because it has many great shows such as; The Bold Type, Alone Together, and Famous In Love. They are perfecting their app everyday to fit your interest so you can be entertained.

This app is so easy to use!

The Freeform app is easy to use. The shows & movies are organized in a visible way to watch anything you want. The only things I don’t like are the commercials in between & there is not a good back button if you wanted to rewatch a particular scene.

I love

I love this app because I could never find my shows I wanted and now I find them because they all are off Netflix now so I go on here and they are here

App isn’t good

The shows and movies on the app are great .However the app itself is very glitchy


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