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It’s annoying because whenever I want to watch a couple of movies I have to sit and watch the same commercial.Then when the movie plays it fast forward to the end even though I didn’t watch it yet.It has me watching a new movie that I don’t want to watch.

Love it!!

This app is so great now I can watch all my shows and watch old ones that I didn’t get to finish watching.


This doesn't work on my iPhone (iOS 10.3) or on my MacBook Pro OSX v 10.13.1. As an added bonus, I was asked to update my Disney/ABC/ESPN/Freeform password and I lost control of my cursor; it was being controlled by someone else - really! Pretty sure I was hacked with my password wallet open. Gotta go change around 125 passwords now! STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!

Please add baby daddy

I love this and it is a really good however I wish it had more shows for one baby daddy and there are so many others I really on downloaded this to get tons of good shows that I like but they don’t have the ones


I entered in my Att account but it said “null.” Stupid.



I love it

It’s awesome


I love that I can catch up and shows. It is a lot like Netflix but it updates shows faster. The only thing is that there are lots of adds but it is free so I can’t be mad. I found a show that I liked practically right away.

Please bring back shadow Hunters!

I was in the middle of a season of Shadowhunters and I really liked it but they removed it today. Please bring it back!!!


There are to many ads


I love that it has my fav shows!! But there are WAY WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!! AND THEY ARE TOO LONG AND TOO FREQUENT!!! 😤😫😩😱😨😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 like I just wanna watch my show man!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


The shows and Movies on here are pretty good. There’s some newer ones and older ones. A big thing that is bothersome is the amount of commercials during one episode. It’s also annoying that when you fast forward you can’t see how far in the show you are, so you may have to sit through more commercials. The app itself just needs tuned up

Love free shows

Good experience in watching the free shows since I have no tv account.

Functions terribly

This app is awful. Freezing, glitches, issues with streaming, unresponsive sometimes. I use it because it’s the only way to watch these shows, but it just does not work well at all.

I love this app!!

This is the best app ever!! I love how you can watch TV shows and seasonal movies. Also the commercials aren't too long and they are spaced out pretty evenly. THANK YOU FREEFORM FOR AUCH AN AMAZING APP!!!!!


To many ads it drives me crazy and it's the same ads each time!

Could do better

It’s a great app but it’s very annoying to have so many commercials. Why not just 2-3. Why six. Also every time it freezes when i go to play the episode it restarts from the beginning again. Takes forever to load. Then when i speed on forward to where I’m supposed to be commercials come again. It literally takes me too long to watch just one episode. Please update your app. Thanks.

Love but....

I love the app I can catch up on any shows I may have missed or I can watch them on my lunch break when I don’t have any thing to do. I just wish it held more episodes dated further back.

Great but

It’s so glitchy and it doesn’t register things like cc, I personally hate cc so I normally turn them off but for some reason it wouldn’t allow me to turn them off which frustrates me. Really wish it would allow me to turn them off

I Love Freeform

I love Freeform! Can’t get enough. I especially wish they would make more seasons of Greek!!!!


I am trying to play episode 3 of make it or break it and it takes me to episode 5 instead.please fix because I am getting annoyed

Free form

Love the shows but some topics are to political and don’t correctly show each political side.

Love it

I love it but ever since I updated it it’s been longer commercial breaks and I get annoyed with them!! And a lot of the repeat over and over and I really really hate that but other then that I love the app it’s the only place I could find Melissa and Joey to watch again!!


I love that app and thank u very much

Review for FreeForm

This app is so amazing and I absolutely love it but, the commercials get a little annoying when you're just trying to watch a show

Love All ur shows!!!

Love All ur shows!!!

Fix your icon

On my iPad the app icon isn’t properly masked and the edges are weird as a result.

Please Add this —>>> <3

New Movies please. Add Reba all season and Grey's Antonym all season Ghost Whisper All season Riverdale all season Teen Wolf season 1-6

🙄 frozen

It's always freezing.I was a fuzzy screen never want Load


I would give this app five stars if they didn’t make so that on every good show here you have to log in also if I didn’t crash every time I finish watching a show

Please Read Review Freeform People

I love the app but I wanted to watch the Lying Games and it wasn't there... I really want to watch it and maybe you could add it I love the app I just want to see more freeform’s old shows in the app and maybe they can comeback just maybe. maybe make more of your own kind of movies like frostbite vampire Academy they made a first movie but they can’t make a second maybe you guys could do that...🙂 I have read the second book it was amazing and seeing the first movie that was awesome might I add I think a lot of people would appreciate it and enjoy it! Please make the second movie! I love how you guys make movies and shows so please!!!!! I think a lot of people would come see it because there is a lot of people who donated money to make the 2nd movie happen, but they didn't get enough money in time so they returned the money to people who donated it... I think that if the first movie was that good that I think you. Guys will do a better job with the second. I would love for the book series to become a movie completely so please do it!!!!🙂😊😊😊😊😇😋

Very stupid


Good job!

I am in love with this app . Even though I keep getting crashes , I blame my 6 year old iPad. The makers off the app deserve a pat on the back for a job well done! Keep up the good work


What tv app doesn't have chromecast? Step up your game.


This is the SECOND time now where I decided to start watching a series for the first time and they decide to remove the content when I'm just a handful of episodes into it! Also, the ads are atrocious. They play the same eight advertisements repeatedly and they tend to glitch a lot, which slows everything down. If you need more space for content, leave up your series and take down those old movies that no one is watching. Anyone who wants to watch Forest Gump already owns it. Seriously. 😒


keeps saying “ oops an error has occured” wont let me watch movies i want to


Beyond way too many commercials while on demand. I got to 3 episode and I couldn't take anymore. 3 minuets of air time and 5 minuets of commercials. Peace out. You lost me


I tried to watch my favorite tv show (pretty little lairs) and it said that I had to sign in like really this is just basic Netflix except on free from. If I were you I would not waste my time with letting this download it’s a waste of time.

My new favorite app😊

I adore this app. I'm soooo addicted to Shadowhunters. They make super easy to catch all the episodes that I'm going to start from the beginning when I'm done.

Freeform App

I love this app. Im giving it 3 stars because the adds are very inconveniencing... even the quicker option is a hassle. Take away the adds and maybe include if there will be more seasons of each show or the good ones like shadow hunters etc. once the adds are toned down or gone (because let's face it no one watches them anyway) then I will give a 5 stars. Also be sure to change the quality of the beginnings. It goes from fuzzy to regular but you have to restart the app a couple times which is inconveniencing. Thanks a lot! Love you freeform !

Great App

Great app, but there's too many freaking commercials.


So I finished watching pll,in march when it ended so today September 25 I just saw that there's a PLL SPINOOFF WTH MONA AND ALLISON. SOOOOOO YA I LUV U FREEFORM



Log in.


Bad app

Every other TV app allows me to cast (via chromecast) onto my smart TV. Not Freeform. 1 star.

Abc family

Constant error notification have to redownload the app about 3 times every time I watch my show

Oops! An Error Has Occurred!

Anyone know why this pops up? I was watching Shadowhunters season 2 and by the third episode, this popped up. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but it hasn't worked. I am connected to my tv provider since that's the only way I can watch season 2. Are we restricted or something? I'd like to give more than 2 stars but it's not worth it at this point. Help me Freeform app, you're my only hope!

"Oops, an error has occurred :("

I loved the app before when I was actually able to watch anything on it. Now I just get the above quoted error message and have for a week. So angry at Freeform and the app. Fix asap. Have not been able to watch a single thing since I first got the message. The app is now useless, I'll probably delete it unless something changes asap.


It'd be great if the app didn't crash every time I tried to watch something.

TV Provider

I don't know why they took time warner cable spectrum, and grande communications off the provider list I'm finding it really hard to catch up on the fosters now

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