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TV Provider??

I love everything it has on it. But my Freeform app won’t let me connect my tv provider. I have found ways to watch some of them but then it takes twice as long and I am annoying process so I just gave up.


Love the shows easy to load and use.

Problem with freeform

When I try to watch anything. It says 0066:No account returned from UPDA and Oops an error has occurred. Please fix this I need to catch-up on my shows.

Way to many commercials!

Love the content, but the commercials are worse than regular TV . One or two even 3 would be ok, there’s 6 every 5 mins and it’s annoying.

Bugs blocking viewing shows

Up until about a month or so ago I really enjoyed watching shows and movies on the field channel. Now when I try to open the shows I get a message stating that “there is a problem opening, that something is wrong with my account or something like that “ I can’t remember the exact wording. But I wish that someone would check it out, I very much like the channels. Thank you very much D. H Murray


There are somewhat to many advertisements and if you ever watched it in your tv, it wouldn’t have been as many commercials as there is on the phone

What u want

No ads in there and no t.v provide because not all of us have it


The only reason I’m giving this app four stars is because I don’t like that they play three minutes worth of ads every time they have a break for it

Love you more if...

Love the app but the commercials are overwhelming.


I tired to log into my cable provider through this app several times and each time the app would crash. I also am annoyed that each day this app keeps putting a red circle next to it to remind me to connect my cable service to the app.

Used to love

I used to love this app and used it all the time, but recently for the past 2-3 weeks, every time I go to watch Famous In Love, it tell me to retry on my iPad so I eventually ended up watching it on Hulu the next day, but tonight I tried again and it told me the same thing over and over again. So I went on my Roku to see if it would work on there and it wouldn’t either. I eventually went onto the Freeform website and it still would not load on my iPad so I went to my computer on the website and it won’t load there either, I’m very disappointed in this app right now.

Love the shows but frustrating quirks

I really love this app but....whenever I watch it the Uber commercial repeatedly gets stuck and stays frozen and I have to go out of whatever show I’m watching to get rid of it and then when I go back in the commercials start over from the beginning...very frustrating. Also when I’m watching the app on my fire stick I have put in my tv provider but it continuously doesn’t recognize it just refreshes and won’t allow me to watch the new shows.

It’s okay

Waaaaayyyyyyy too many commercials!! I can’t even enjoy my show without one popping up! It’s frustrating and I’m tired of it. If you’re going to have this many at least let us have the option of skipping it like YouTube.


Way to many commercials... then even if you watch the six commercials then it’ll start all over and you have to watch the six commercials again. Other then that it’s a good app.

No Commercials

This app is great and it would be even better without the commercials.

Error message

I don’t like this app rn I would love it and I think the movies are great on here but I can’t watch any of them because I get a “need to re-authenticate” error message when I try to play any of the movies! I have Dish and I’ve logged out of accounts and tried lots of stuff just don’t know what to do next


You can watch the first episode of every show and then it conveniently crashes on the second. This has happened with everything I’ve tried to watch.

Some people don’t have cable

I can’t access anything except two episodes of shows in most cases because I don’t have cable television.

Good app

Don’t usually do apps like this because they are usually buggy, however I have had no problems while watching my shows. The most buggy part has been the commercials which on occasion just gets skipped all together. Really like that👍.

Great, only one thing

It doesn’t save your progress through an episode, causing you to have to scroll back. It is so frustrating to try to scroll to the place you left off. It is so awkwardly placed at the very bottom of the screen. With my IPad case it’s nearly impossible to even scroll using a screen pen.


Love every minute of it!!!!!

Your moving time bar is way too hard to move.

Whenever I try to move it, it either disappears, doesn’t do anything, or I have to jab at the screen repeatedly until it moves.


I love the app and I love the cutting edge shows. Brings to life the ideas I had as a kid. Smooth running app.


The ads are too long it’s frustrating but I love how easy access it is to all your favorite shows


It’s awesome! I love having the chance to catch up on shows!


I love this app to watch my shows but i HATE THAT THERE ARE SO MANY COMMERCIALS 😭😭😭😭


Hate the app due to wait through 6 ads all the way through the show. If I didn't like shadowhunters the app would be deleted and I wouldn't download it again or recommend it.

Crappy app

I have NBC and ABC and CW and CBS none of these require a cable provider to watch their shows. But FreeForm you have to have cable to watch. How lame!! I was so excited to watch Siren and I got to watch the first couple episodes. So disappointed


All I wanted to do was watch The Secret Life Of The American Teenager since it’s getting taken off of Netflix soon but :/


I love this app but lately every time I try to watch something it says error has occurred and won’t let me watch anything. I’m connected to my tv provider also. I rele wish it would work I love using this app to watch all my shows!


My freefom app keeps saying “opp there has been a occern


They need to stop playing so many ads. I think it’s so dumb that I have to watch 12 ads to get to the next part in a single show✌🏽


For some reason I can’t watch season 3?? Every time I go to watch it says ‘error’. I didn’t have this problem with the other two seasons which is why I left two stars instead of one.

More TV providers

I have sling TV and I thought maybe the would have it as a TV provider. On the FOX app they allow me to use sling TV so I was disappointed.


Yo my freeform app ain’t workin like every time I open the app it doesn’t let go into anything it just takes out of the app I love siren tho its my favorite show I’m obsessed with siren like I love them so can u please give me a remedy to fix it please


If it to many ads then tell to chose 30 second are longer


Nooo commercials

Dear Freeform

Your app is awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩I love watching siren🧜🏻‍♀️ it’s amazing and the librarian is a mermaid I’m so amazed with the thrills

Can’t watch movies

Error code: 0066 Fix this please.

Okay but I still love it

I love the app and the movies but I think it should have more age appropriate movies for kids


I already pay for the tv why do I have to watch commercials on my dang phone?!?!

Oops! An error has occurred

This keeps happening.

Commercials are too long

So far I enjoy the app, the only things that’s really off putting to me is the frequency and duration of the commercials.

Great viewing experience

Great viewing experience. Clear images; just like watching on tv if not better.

Sad :(

There are some issues I hope you will be able to fix. First off, there are way to many adds. It’s always 6-7 adds and I find it annoying. Then there is the issue where I can’t watch the third episode of any series and any episodes after that. I emailed and told you guys about the issue and when I did everything you guys said it still didn’t work.


I don’t why the app keeps on crashing

It’s super good

I like Freeform

App could be slightly better when coming to fast-forwarding and re-winding!

This app is great but I do wish I could tap to go forward 10 seconds or tap to go backwards 10 seconds because the way it is now you have to drag the bar at the bottom and it either goes too far or half the time it won’t move at all!

Bug fixes

Every time something pops up on my phone the app closes and it restarts the episode. Is there any way to fix that?

Good app

Good app but I hate how there is too much ads other than that it's good 💕

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