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Can’t Sign in to Tv Provider

When I try to watch locked videos and go to sign into my tv provider, it never comes up. I have updated and deleted the app and reinstalled the app. Nothing works.

No issues

Works great


You should let Pretty Little Liars stream on the Freeform app then more people will download your app

Too many ads

35 minutes of total ads per episode Ads to rewind, ads to fast forward Need a tv provider to watch all episodes. Don’t you make enough money from the ads ? You need a kickback from the tv providers too? Glitches and stalls every commercial break. I’m just gonna wait till I see it downloaded on a different website.

Show appropriate ads!

Let’s not put an ad for Slender Man in the middle of a Pixar movie.


Hey this is the best app I have rn beside insta and my edits but I really like this app

App Glitch

I can’t get the app open, When I click it, takes me back to my home screen btw, IPad Air 2

Why so many commercials???

There are way to many commercials on this it’s seems like I’m watching more ads than the actual show, and there are way to many of the same ads pls switch it up a bit.

Errors out

It errors a lot. Always says that it’s unauthorized.

I Love the New Update but,

if I have to do something and come back to watch the show, the sound is completely gone. Then I have to hit the back button and wait for the screen to load then hit the show again. Other than that it’s good!

Kind of glitchy

Ok for me the app isn’t that bad it just has one bug or glitch that annoys me. When I am watching a show if someone texts me during the show and I reply an audio bug happens and it messes up the audio where it makes no noise at all or the audio isn’t in sync.


Has all the shows I love but the close captions are not working?? Does it not provide them or can someone help me?

Worth the download!

I can finally watch one of my favorite tv shows for free! Baby daddy! ❤️✨😇 thank you

Luv this app but way to many ads

It just have to many ads. I watch more ads on this app than regular t.v.


Although the Freeform app has a wide variety of shows to watch, I could not focus because the visual quality is terrible. I honestly wish I could give this app a quarter of a star

Weird glitch

Me and my cousin have been having this weird glitch where the app won’t let us watch any shows it just say “something has gone wrong, not authorized” and now she can’t find her tv provider. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it and I’ve tried signing out and signing back in...I’ve even tried updating it and nothing works.

Love it but needs some fixes.

I mostly use the Freeform app on my iPad. Which means that while I’m watching it I would like to be able to do other things as well. I believe that maybe they should add the multitasking thing where it has a little screen when you exit out of it so you can play games, or text,etc... 😁

Need to authenticate

I am trying to watch shows I have never seen before. Get to episode 3 and it says......sorry, something went wrong. Not authorized. Need to re-authentic........ what do I do?

False advertising

I wanted to watch The fosters and that’s the only reason why I downloaded the app. It shows it in the picture and it’s not on the app! At all!!!! I’m mad and now I have to pay for Netflix just to watch it. Thanks FF


For one y’all really need to put the fosters on this app how it’s supposed to be 💯💯

Fix your app

“No account returned from the UPDA” that’s all it says when I try to watch something. This has been going on for a while. Y’all have some great shows, but I don’t have time to go online login and then watch it. Fix your app.

Works but mess with Chromecast

Probably the most basic Chromecast implementation I’ve seen. You start the show and watch it straight through with no ability to pause or rewind. And repetitive ads. Works though, and good content.

App is trash

If I could give this app no stars I would. Its extremely annoying and frustrating when I have to sign in with my tv provider over and over again. I would not recommend this app what so ever!

Want play episodes

I downloaded this app expecting to love it. But right the contrary, certain episodes of a show that I watch will play but the latest episodes won’t play at all. It was a complete let down.

Needs less ads and glitches

I get that it’s a free app and I can’t ask for too much, but sometimes I only go 10 minutes without an ad. Just two scenes of a show. It’s horrible, I don’t know if it’s just certain shows or what. Should definitely change it though, not saying they can’t have any, just less. It kicked me out so many times. Kept saying error again and again. Finally started working after 40 minutes.

Bug problems, not loading

I keep opening the app and it keeping popping up, “An unexpected error has occurred while connecting. Please try again.” I tried again and not two seconds later the same message popped up!


This app takes VERY long to load and I could only use it once before it said the connection failed and I had to keep reinstalling the app


It will not work without a tv provider I am very upset

This app is amazing!!!!

The app functions perfectly fine no trouble at all. When I’m away from home I’m able to catch up on all the latest shows that I missed. The app is a great place to watch some classic shows and chill and enjoy watching what you love. I highly recommend downloading this app if you love shows like “clock and dagger” and more😋

Doesn’t work. All I get is error message after error

Nothing but error messages. Cant get this app to work.

My Review

Freeform you should put the Kissing Booth on here


Love it, just wish I didn’t have to log in every few times.

What's not to like!

I have had the App for about two years. I normally use it when "my" regular TV shows are on break to look at shows that I didn't have time to watch during their regular season. Buffering is usually never a major problem, only for less than a minute or so if it does. Would recommend this app.

Works like a charm

Downloaded the app so I could watch the awesome programming in my bed. The app functions wonderfully on my iPhone 7. 👍👍

Too many commercials

I reviewed the app with my feedback saying there was too many commercials and since then, there have been even more commercials. Does that make any sense? Noooo... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


This app is awesome the only problem is the ads. I mean I understand why hey did it but I just wished it didn’t have them.

Pretty good

I just wish it had more movies

Sound stops working

Sound stops working during every commercial break! So frustrating. Wish I could give zero stars!!

I love this app

This app allows you to watch your favorite shows for free all you have to do to unlock the shows is put in you cable info and if you don’t want to do that it comes with at least one free episode out of all the shows if you like Freeform and your not at home this is a simple way to watch your favorite shows on the go so if you travel a lot or don’t have time to sit and watch is on the tv then this app is great for you I would suggest to watch cloak and dagger it’s one of my favorites


This is a great app but the internet is stupid sometimes

This app rocks👍

I love this app especially because quite a few shows got removed from Netflix and I see that they’re on here now so that’s so awesome that I can watch my shows and my favorite channel is freeform so I can watch it on my phone instead of watching it on my TV because my TV isn’t working right now so now I can watch it anywhere and anytime on my phone. But I do not like the constant adds, I understand there has to be adds. The ads are ridiculously long but besides that the ads freeform rocks there is no glitches or no difficulties with this app except for the ads so I suggest you guys get this app it’s awesome!

This is me

Like the great shows


Best tv app ever😂😍


I love this app but their kinda is a lot of ads so yeah but it’s still good


Great movies and shows I love it I give it 5/5


I’ve tried to play videos off of this app and each time it says that there is a problem with my internet service. The WiFi I use is on when I try the app, I even tried using cellular data and that still doesn’t work. On top of that what does the lock icons mean? I thought the videos were free once u signed up.

Great app

Enjoy watching free shows.

Freeform App

I love this app. Im giving it 4 stars because the adds are very inconveniencing... even the quicker option is a hassle. Take away the adds and maybe include if there will be more seasons of each show or the good ones like shadow hunters etc. once the adds are toned down or gone (because let's face it no one watches them anyway) then I will give a 5 stars. Also be sure to change the quality of the beginnings. It goes from fuzzy to regular but you have to restart the app a couple times which is inconveniencing. Thanks a lot! Love you freeform !

If got to watch anything....

If I got to watch anything I would love it! But the app crashes 30 seconds after I open it! What good is the content if I can’t even get to it? Work on some tech stuff Freeform because right now it’s absolutely terrible.

Free form

Love this app it’s amazing the way everything works I have no problems with this app and I’m so happy

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